Teacher Licensure & Support Services

The College of Education is pleased to again offer fingerprinting. We will begin fingerprinting on Tuesday, August 4. Please read the new procedures that will be in place. You may call now to make your appointments.

Before coming to campus call 479-964-0583 extension 2351 or email Teresa Auprey at tauprey@atu.edu to make an appointment.  Please complete and submit this health questionnaire form https://forms.gle/42sVeAuXWbkJ4K8r5.

Please park in the Crabaugh parking lot and call 479-964-0583 ext. 2351 to let Ms. Auprey know you are here. She will let you know when you can enter the building wearing a mask.  Hand sanitizer will be available or you can wash your hands in restroom on second floor.

All paperwork must be completed before coming to Crabaugh 308. You need to bring your fingerprint consent form, your receipt with its transaction ID, and also a copy of your maltreatment form if you are needing notarization, which we can provide.  Your health survey google form must also be completed prior to your appointment.  If you do not have your paperwork, we won’t be able to do your fingerprints and you will need to reschedule.

Fingerprint Applicants Must: 

Step 1: Call 479-964-0583 ext. 2351 or email tauprey@atu.edu to make an appointment

Step 2: Bring the fingerprint consent form https://adeaels.arkansas.gov/AelsWeb/Consent/Consent1.aspx

Step 3: Bring proof of payment (transaction ID) <https://www.ark.org/ade/licensure_cbc/index.ph

Step 4: Bring completed maltreatment registry form for notification http://dese.ade.arkansas.gov/public/userfiles/Educator_Effectiveness/Educator_Licensure/Central_Registry_Form_06-06-2019_fillable1.pdf

Step 5: Complete health questionnaire https://forms.gle/42sVeAuXWbkJ4K8r5

Step 6: Wear a face covering that covers both the nose and mouth

Step 7: Adhere to Arkansas Department of Health Guidance <https://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/images/uploads/pdf/COVID-19_No_Entry.pdf>

Step 8: Be on time and bring no other family members/friends with you.


Live Scan Fingerprinting

Self-paying Instructions

  1.  Visit www.ar.gov/ADEbackgroundand follow the on-screen instructions.
  2.  Once you enter the information, you will be asked to submit a credit card or debit card number for payment.
  3.  Write down/print out your transaction ID number
  4.  Visit http://adeaels.arkansas.gov/AelsWeb/Consent/Consent1.aspx
  5. Once this form is completed, print and bring with you to ATU

David Bell Director of Educator Licensure & Support Services

Teresa Auprey Administrative Specialist 

The mission of the Office of Teacher Education and Support Services is to provide accurate information, guidance, and support to educator preparation candidates as they matriculate through degreed programs that lead to Arkansas educator licensure.

The Office of Educator Licensure and Support Services provides a full range of services for students. The primary purpose is to assist students with requirements necessary to complete early field experiences, internships, and subsequently licensure. Responsiveness to students’ needs is a primary goal of this office. This office provides well-planned and organized procedures in the areas of requirements for early field experiences, entry into internship, professional licensure processing, and general information dissemination.

This office assists with teacher licensure by processing initial applications and add-ons, updating faculty licenses, verifying Arkansas licensure and program completion of persons applying for licensure in other states, and processing applications for and maintaining liaison with the Arkansas Department of Education. It provides Praxis information and transcript evaluations for individuals wishing to teach. Scholarship for education students is also available.

The Office of Educator Licensure and Support Services is located in Crabaugh 308. Please come visit us. This office provides assistance to Arkansas Tech students and alumni for all educator preparation programs.