Health and Safety




To study at any university comes with risks, no matter where you study. Students need to act responsibly and maturely whether they study in their hometown, another state or across the globe.

The ATU Study Abroad Office holds the health and safety of its students as its highest priority. We have made every effort to make our programs as safe as possible, and provide our students and faculty with the information they need to make safe and informed decisions. Trips can be canceled at any time by the university due to recommendations by the CDC during infectious disease outbreaks or other concerns.


Here are a few tips to keep you as safe as possible while abroad:


Here are a few tips on staying healthy during your stay abroad:

The mission of the CDC is to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. The CDC is responsible for monitoring health and health problems, researching solutions to health problems, developing and implementing health policies, promoting healthful behaviors and providing training in the health field. For information on recommended immunizations for a particular country, you can reach the CDC at 1.800.CDC.INFO or visit the CDC Web site at  For up to date information on specific local conditions students should contact the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

It is also important for students to be aware of the US Department of State Guidelines concerning areas to which you may travel. These Guidelines prepare you for a safe trip abroad and are updated regularly by the U.S. Department of State. The Guidelines can be obtained through the Overseas Citizens Services automated telephone information line. From the USA or Canada, call 1.888.407.4747 or online at

Health Insurance

Any students travelling abroad with an ATU-sponsored program are required to purchase international health and accident insurance as well as insurance that covers medical evacuation and repatriation.

pre-departure workshop

Students who plan to travel abroad with an ATU sponsored program are required to attend a Pre-Departure Orientation Workshop during which health and safety information about their specific destinations is discussed. Please contact the Study Abroad Office at 479-964-0807 or email for more information.

Additional Resources for Safety: