Financial Considerations for Study Abroad


 Financial Considerations


Arkansas Tech University is a strong believer in the study abroad experience for all of its students. In an increasingly interdependent world, there is no question that a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and languages will be invaluable in many aspects of students’ academic, professional, and personal lives.

How much will study abroad cost?
Program costs vary, depending on location and type of program.

If a student chooses to study with an ATU program, then you will pay ATU tuition, a housing fee and program fees where applicable. Each program page will have specific information about costs and out-of-pocket expenses.

If a student chooses an Affiliate program (non-ATU), then you pay the abroad institution’s tuition directly. Exact costs for Affiliate programs can be found on linked pages within the programs brochure pages. These links will also provide estimated out-of-pocket expenses, such as airfare, personal expenses, food, and, in some cases, housing. 

Is there financial aid available for study abroad programs during the summer?
Yes, there are limited scholarships through ATU Study Abroad. 


Things to take into consideration before going abroad:

Write out everything you may need for this trip before you leave (passport, luggage, travel insurance, etc.), living expenses while abroad (housing, books, groceries, laundry, etc.), and any personal travel you may want to do. This will give you a more accurate idea of the cost.

Take into account any conversion rates and high fees at ATM's. Debit cards and credit card functions differ in other countries, so being aware of fees and talking with you bank about your best options are helpful steps to take when planning to study abroad.

Further information:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Gabriele Haulmark,

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