Refund Checks and Direct Deposits

to receive your check faster, you may login to your onetech account, SEARCH FOR "STUDENT ACCOUNT QUICK LINKS" click on enroll in direct deposit.


Direct Deposit Your Refund Check

Enroll in direct deposit by accessing your OneTech account, search for "Student Account Quick Links" and click on Enroll in Direct Deposit!  Funds are generally in your bank account by the second day after a refund has processed on your student account.

Refund Checks

Get your refund faster by going Direct Deposit.  Direct Deposits will be in your bank account the Wednesday after a refund has processed on your student account.*

Signing up through your OneTech portal is easy. Search for "Student Account Quick Links" and click on Enroll in Direct Deposit.

Paper checks will be mailed to the current address listed on the system each Thursday.

* Note:  During holidays and unforeseen events it is possible that paper checks and direct deposit dates may change.  In these instances, we will post the information on the Student Accounts webpage immediately.

*Any overpayment on accounts by personal check will be held for 10 business days before being released into the normal refund cycle.*

Title IV Authorizations

Your authorizations will remain valid throughout your entire Arkansas Tech career, unless you rescind them.  As required by federal regulation, the University will refund to you excess Title IV funds at the end of each financial aid year whether you have provided an authorization to hold a credit balance or not.

Refunds Issued in Error

The university has the right to reclaim refunds issued in error. Should this occur, a stop payment will be placed on the check and the student of record will be notified of the reason. In the event that the check has already been cashed, a written request for return of the funds will be provided to the student. Students will have the opportunity to set up a payment arrangement to repay the college before collection effort is initiated.