Grants & Research Programs

This site has been developed as a resource to assist faculty and staff in finding, applying for, and obtaining grants or other sponsored research opportunities. The site currently has resources related to grantsmanship (how to write grants), funding sources (where to look for funding), information about the use of human subjects (including the procedures and forms required to obtain approval for using human subjects in research), and guidelines regarding ethics in research.

For additional details regarding specific procedures, approval processes, and assistance with the budget section when applying for a grant, see the Tech Specifics page.

The Grants Research Center (GRC) is affiliated with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). The GRC provides numerous benefits to member institutions ranging from current grant opportunities to the ability to search for grants. Arkansas Tech University is a member of both AASCU and GRC. The following link provides a synopsis of the types of services offered by GRC.GRC Information Link

This next link provides a login page to access the resources of GRC. All faculty and staff at Arkansas Tech University may have access to GRC resources and they will be able to perform their own individualized grant searches, subscribe to notifications and publications from GRC, and be notified of grant deadlines as they approach. GRC Login Link

**To obtain your GRC login information, please contact your department head or dean.**

Most grant proposals require basic statistical information regarding the institution from which the grant proposal is being submitted. You will be able to find statistical information to assist in writing a grant proposal on the Institutional Research and Assessment Website.

Arkansas Tech University has partnered with QuestionPro to provide our students, faculty and staff with web survey and analysis software. Follow the QuestionPro link to find out more and apply for a free, Tech sponsored account.

If there are additional services this site could offer to assist in obtaining grants, or other forms of sponsored research, please send an email to

David Underwood, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs