Professional Development Grants

The Professional Development Grant Fundwas established at Arkansas Tech University to support the research, creative activities, and professional growth of Arkansas Tech faculty. Professional Development Grants (PDG) are for projects beyond the scope and cost of those typically awarded through the Faculty Research Grant program. Student and administrative initiatives are funded elsewhere.

Applications for funds supporting research activities should be oriented toward publication in refereed journals or at professional conferences. Applications for funds supporting creative activities should pursue the widest public distribution possible. Applications for funds supporting professional growth activities should seek to benefit not just the individual but other invested communities as well.

Faculty development grant funds cannot be used to fund conference travel by students, former students, professional staff, adjunct faculty, or other non-faculty members. However, grants may be used to fund campus visitors. Grants may also include funds for research assistance by students. Research involving human subjects should refer to the forms and procedures at:

Activities not related to the teaching and/or research mission of Arkansas Tech University will not be funded by Professional Development Grants. Examples of unacceptable use of funds include unnecessary hotel stay based on extended dates and nearby locations, conference attendance in areas outside of the faculty member's area of research or teaching, or political activities.

All tenure-track or tenured Arkansas Tech University faculty are eligible to apply. There are three Professional Development Grant review cycles with deadlines of October 2, February 1, and April 16. The "Guidelines" document below lists materials needed for the application. Please follow these guidelines and include all required materials including a cover sheet, budget, vita, all sections of the narrative, and documentation of expenses.

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