Waitlist Information

Waitlist options for a limited number of courses has been enabled. Not all courses have a waitlist.

Note: Students are not guaranteed a specific position on the waitlist and being on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat will be made available in the course. Students should monitor their ATU email account regularly to check for waitlist notices.


  • Students who attempt to register in a class that is full but waitlist enabled, may put themselves on the waiting list. 
  • When an open seat becomes available, an email will be sent to the ATU email address.
  • The student will have 48 hours during a spring or fall term, or 72 hours in a summer term (the time and date is specified in the waitlist email) to go online and add the class.
  • The open seat will be reserved for that student and no other student may login and register for that seat during the amount of time allotted to the notified student.
  • If the student does not register within the time period mentioned in the email notification (the clock begins ticking at the time the email notification is sent), the student will be automatically dropped from the waiting list. The next student on the waitlist will move to the top of the list and be notified of their eligibility to register in the class. It is for this reason, if you are waitlisted for a class it is highly recommended that you check your ATU email account often.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)