Building Abbreviations on our Campus Map

Campus Map

ATCC Arkansas Tech Career Center (located off-campus)
CES Energy Center
COR Corley Hall
CRA Crabaugh Hall
CWSC Women's Sports Complex
DN Dean Hall
EPB El Paso Building
GH Greenhouse
HULL Hull Hall
MCE McEver Hall
MSC Multi Sports Complex
NOR Norman Hall
OZ__ Ozark Collegiate Center (located on the OZARK CAMPUS)
RCB Brown Hall Student Services Building
RH Rock House
ROTC ROTC Building
RPL Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center
RTH Rothwell Hall
SSC Doc Bryan Student Services Center
TEC Techionery / Museum (NOT Baswell Techionery)
TOM Tomlinson Hall
TUC Tucker Coliseum
WSC Chartwell's Athletic Complex
WMS Williamson Hall
WPN Witherspoon Hall
YNG Young Building