Nominations & Applications


The program is open to all full time staff (classified and unclassified) and faculty from Arkansas Tech University on both the Russellville and Ozark campuses who have demonstrated leadership in either a formal or informal capacity. Consideration of nominees will be based on the breadth and/or depth of prior and current leadership experiences, as well as a clear articulation of why this program would be valuable to the nominee and how the nominee will contribute to the cohort and the university as a whole.

Tech employees are invited to nominate themselves or another person for participation in the Leadership Tech program. Nominees will be invited to submit a simple application that will be reviewed by the Program Development Team. Final selection by the project team will be based on representation of organizational areas and quality of application.

Nominations have closed. Please check back in Spring 2021. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadership Tech?

Leadership Tech is a comprehensive professional development opportunity that promotes individual and collective leadership through a cohort model. It is an action based learning and self-discovery process that utilizes a variety of leadership frameworks, experiential learning activities, coaching and mentoring, and personal assessment.

Leadership Tech program focuses on developing five levels of leadership capacity:

What are the commitment requirements for participation in Leadership Tech?

The program requires significant commitment over a two-year period. Year one members meet monthly to focus on horizontal and vertical leadership development, networking, and systems thinking to enhance leadership competencies supporting a culture of change. Participants will engage in leadership development opportunities in which they experience a multitude of learning contexts within the university setting. During year two, cohort members will define, design and complete a specific university project requiring problem solving, innovation, and other activities that promote the mission and strategic plan of the university, a department, or a specific program.

In addition to the program sessions, it is estimated that participants will devote six to eight hours per month completing readings and participating developmental or experiential activities.

What are the program requirements of Leadership Tech?

Year 1

Year 2


Participants may be dismissed from the program for failure to comply with these requirements. Specific requirements are subject to change.