2016 Cohort

 2017 second cohort

“In Leadership Tech, the things that tend to divide us like titles, departments and staff/faculty status melt away, leaving us to talk about the things that really matter — how to make Tech a better place. The best part of the program is sometimes just being in the same room with a lot of brilliant, funny and diverse people from all over the two campuses, discussing the same questions, insecurities, revelations and concerns. Like everyone else, I never received a manual for how to be a leader, but Leadership Tech has given me practical supervisory skills, greater self-awareness and a rich network of mentors and friends to call when I need help. No trust falls necessary.”   - Angela Black

“The opportunity to collaborate and experience a variety of leadership aspects with colleagues across campus is of immeasurable value. It is not often that we get to work with a variety of positions across campus on multiple issues all leading toward the same direction — understanding and improving leadership. I value this opportunity.” - Dr. Linda Bean

2016 inaugural cohort 

"Leadership Tech has expanded my view of Arkansas Tech and how the university's mission is carried out each day.  I have forged new relationships and strengthen existing ones to allow for collaboration across campus.  I have a greater understanding of my role within the university and how I can work with others to further the goals of Arkansas Tech."  - Aubrey Holt

"Figuring out how to create an environment that is conducive to both a counterpart’s needs and my own.  Creating a win–win environment." - Ken Wester

"One of the most beneficial parts of Leadership Tech was the awareness of myself. For the first time, I really identified my personal values, vision and mission statement. The clear understanding of who I am as an individual and a leader has helped me to recognize and explore opportunities to impact the university and utilize these clearly defined principles in a new, meaningful way." - Carrie Phillips

"Through Leadership Tech, what started as professional acquaintances across campus have grown into personal connections with each other.  It’s easy to begin breaking down silos when, once a month, we forget they exist."              - Jana Crouch      

“Being a part of Leadership Tech has been an awesome experience!  The opportunities for collaboration and group thinking have really challenged me and helped me grow as a leader.” - Beth Giroir

"The self-reflection process and the partnership style relationships I have developed through LT gave me the confidence to apply for the Program Director position in Strength and Conditioning Studies. This is a leadership role that I would have been hesitant to consider without my Leadership Tech experiences. I know more about my own leadership style and felt much more confident in my ability to be successful in this role. Additionally, I knew I had a support network consisting of everyone else in my cohort. Leadership Tech has definitely impacted me personally in significant, positive ways." - Gina Kraft

"I have really enjoyed interacting with colleagues from across campus and getting to really understand the work they do and how it impacts the overall success of the institution. " - Chris Giroir

2016 Inaugural Cohort Completed Projects 

The 2016 Inaugural Cohort has recently completed their 2 year program, and have presented their projects to the Executive Council among others. To read more about the cohorts projects, please click on the following link: http://www.arkansastechnews.com/university/leadership-tech-cohort-one-presents-projects/