Name Announcement Cards for Graduation

This card designates your place in line for the procession into the coliseum, provides your name to the announcer for individual recognition as you walk across the stage, and provides your name and mailing address to the Registrar's Office (for mailing of your diploma).

Please be sure that the information on the front AND back of your Name Announcement Card is accurate.


Candidates must pick up their Name Announcement Cards before their ceremony. Representatives from the Registrar's Office will be distributing Name Announcement Cards in the Registrar's Office, Brown Building 356 on Friday, May 10 from 9 am to 5 pm. If circumstances prevent you from picking up your card during this time frame on Friday, you will need to arrive at least one hour prior to your ceremony start time to pick your card up in front of the trophy case in Tucker Coliseum (bring your Tech ID/driver's license); Name Announcement Cards are required for participation in the ceremony.

Ceremony Line-Up

On the front of your Name Announcement Card you will find your Line number and position in line, which will guide you for line-up before the ceremony. Personnel from the Registrar's Office will be located throughout the Coliseum to provide assistance and direction.

During the Ceremony

When directed by Registrar's Office personnel, you will proceed in line with your Name Announcement Card and present it to the announcer at the podium. As you walk across the front of the platform to receive your diploma cover your name will be announced exactly as it appears on your Name Announcement Card.