Instructions for Preparing Auditions

You will record your audition and upload the file to YouTube. The requirements for the audition vary according to the area for which you wish to apply. Please follow the instructions for your area listed below.

Important Information

  • If you are applying in two areas which require an audition, you will need to submit a separate audition video file for each of the arts areas for which you wish to apply.
  • See the directions for uploading a YouTube file. The correct link to your unlisted YouTube audition file needs to be supplied during the online application process. Check to ensure that the video displays correctly in your application before submitting.
  • The title of the YouTube file should contain the following information in this order: Student Last Name, Student First Name, Area Applying In, Voice Part (in Choral Music) or Instrument (in Instrumental Music)
  • Be sure your audition has good audio and visual quality. Auditions should be made indoors, in a quiet room to eliminate background noise. There should be nothing else on the audition recording you submit besides your audition.
  • Each audition must be previewed by a school official to verify clarity and appropriateness of material.
  • Each audition must be no longer than ten minutes in length. This includes the artistic interview and the artistic performance. See the instructions for your area for more information about the content of these two sections.
  • The two sections (artistic interview and artistic performance) need to be together in one video file. You will not be able to submit two videos for the same content area.


Audition Instructions by Content Area