Visual Arts Audition Instructions

Section One: The Artistic Interview

Each applicant should discuss the following statements conversationally on the audition. Please do not have someone "interview" you. The applicant should be alone. Be creative, within reason. Use this interview time to reveal your personality, interests, experiences, and passions. The judges want to know "who you are." However, the material you include on your audition must be in good taste. Please speak clearly.

  • State your name.
  • What media do you prefer to work in? Why?
  • What influences your art? (How do you get ideas?)
  • List your visual arts experience over the last two years, including school and community experiences.
  • What is your most successful artwork? Give reasons.
  • What is your favorite piece of art? Why?

Section Two: The Artistic Performance

  • Record in detail and briefly discuss three to five pieces of your original works in a variety of media (e.g., watercolor, drawing, prints, paint, sculpture, animations, digital art, etc.).
  • Talk about your process, artistic choices, and why you chose each piece.
  • No artwork older than two years should be included.
  • Make sure that the artwork you created is recorded close up, so that the selection committee can see the details of the piece. This is very important for all works of art. Show two views of 3D work. Emphasize the artwork. Focus the camera on the art, not you in your discussion. It would be helpful to have your artwork on a stand to minimize movement.