Drama Audition Instructions

Section One: The Artistic Interview

Each applicant should discuss the following statements conversationally on the audition. Please do not have someone "interview" you. The applicant should be alone. Be creative, within reason. Use this interview time to reveal your personality, interests, experiences, and passions. The judges want to know "who you are." However, the material you include on your audition must be in good taste. Please speak clearly.

  • State your name.
  • Who is your favorite playwright? Why?
  • What interests you most about drama?
  • List your experience in drama over the past two years.
  • What show would you like to be a part of someday? What role/job in the production would you like to have and why?

Section Two: The Artistic Performance

  • Submit some evidence of your involvement in theatre. For example:
    • a monologue performance
    • a short directed scene
    • a short dance
    • a short film
    • a short original script
    • a puppet show
    • a few renderings of costume or set designs
    • a few pages of dramatic criticism
    • a few pages of a promptbook for a stage manager
    • etc.