Frequently Asked Questions 


As an Arkansas Tech student, your OneTech account is the ultimate connection to your academic and social life. You can access OneTech through the Arkansas Tech home page or through your browser at

Through OneTech you will access your Tech email account, class schedule, Blackboard account, transcript, billing invoice, campus event announcements and more.

For security reasons, once you are enrolled in classes faculty and staff may only respond to emails sent from your Tech email. Please check OneTech regularly once you are actively enrolled at ATU.

Online courses are conducted through Blackboard. Some professors use Blackboard as a supplement to face-to-face classes, as well.

Blackboard can be used for completing homework, taking quizzes, accessing supplemental reading material, viewing grades, and utilizing discussion boards for class discussion outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Access Blackboard through your browser at:

There is also a link on the Arkansas Tech home page under Resouces.

You can access Blackboard through your OneTech by clicking the menu icon next to the welcome message.

Your advisor is the person you meet with to discuss major-related issues, register for classes or connect you with campus resources.

To find your advisor, access the "Advisor Information" card on OneTech.

If you are an entering freshman and have declared a major (excluding eTech students), you will be assigned to a professional advisor in the Academic Advising Center (AAC). At approximately 50 earned credit hours, you will be aided by the AAC to transition to a faculty advisor within your academic department.

If you are an undeclared major you will be assigned to one of our professional advisors in the AAC.

The only person that has access to your registration code is your academic advisor. When you meet with your advisor during preregistration, they can give you the code; however, some departments do not give out codes.

If your advisor does not give you the code, they will schedule your classes on your specified day to register. Make sure you and your advisor discuss and agree on the classes you want.

Undergraduate students who want to change their major can follow the steps below. Graduate students wanting to change their program will need to contact the Graduate College.

A complete list of undergraduate degree programs can be found here.

To change your major:

1. Log in to OneTech.
2. Locate the "Major Change" card and click the "Changing Your Major" image.

If that is not working, you can change your major here.

Your new advisor assignment will be reflected on OneTech once the department assigns a new advisor.

If you have questions about majors or on how to fill out the form, contact the Advising Center.

Academic Early Warning notifications serve as an alert system allowing faculty to report students who have:

  • Poor attendance
  • Will be dropped with a WN (drop for excessive absences)

The goal of the early warning notification is to identify and connect with students who exhibit potential disengagement early in the term. 

A syllabus is a detailed guide to each class. It defines the objectives you will learn, tells you what book(s) to buy, and lists deadlines for assignments and exams.

You will receive a syllabus in each class on the first day of the semester. If you have to miss the first day of class, make sure you meet with the instructor the next scheduled class meeting or during the instructor's office hours to ask for a syllabus because instructors usually do not give reminders.