Fellowship Information

SURF (Scholars Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

For information regarding the deadline for applications and to receive application forms please contact: mhemmati@atu.edu 

The Arkansas Center for Public Affairs (ACPA) is proud to sponsor Round 17 of the Scholars Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program. SURF's purpose is to provide the necessary funding that will encourage undergraduates to conduct in-depth research projects in their specific fields of study.

Eligible Projects

All types of Undergraduate research are eligible for support, and all academic  disciplines are encouraged to apply. In addition to the usual science, engineering and mathematics projects this program will support, for example, a philosophy major who is preparing a paper in the area of bioethics, or an art major who wants to sculpt a major project. Funds are provided for students to travel to conferences to present their accomplishments.

The Application Process

Application Packets are available by contacting the Arkansas Center for Public Affairs at the address below. Complete applications are due no later than November 1st with funding announced by December for the period January 1st through October 31st. Applications should be sent to:

Chair, Arkansas Center for Public Affairs
Undergraduate Research Subcommittee
700 East 9th St. 1
Little Rock, AR 722023-B
(501) 374-3090


Mrs. Lillian Williams
(501) 371-2038

Eligible Students:

Hours 30 or more hours of credit towards their degree at the time of funding
Minimum GPA


Mentor Student Must have faculty member agree to serve as mentor
Award Up to 400 hours per year at $7.25 an hour
  • As a general rule, a student and mentor planning on an academic-year-only project should not exceed 200 hours in their proposal.
  • Students who have received significant support in the form of scholarships, fellowships, etc. ( over an above tuition scholarships) may be placed in a lower priority category
Length One year. Students may compete for additional years, but no more than three years of funding for a student.
Period of Support January 1st - October 31st
Residency US. citizen or permanent residents.
Travel $400 a year to attend a meeting of experts in the student's area of expertise.


Eligible Faculty Members

Tenured and tenure-track faculty members at all levels, including new faculty, are encouraged to apply. Temporary teachers, however, are not eligible. Mentor awards range up to $1000.

Eligible Institution

All Arkansas public or private institutions of higher education offering two or more years of college study are eligible.

Institutions are strongly encouraged to provide or obtain some type of match to the grant. Sources which can be accessed, in addition to existing university funds, include the federal government, non-profit agencies, private corporations, individual citizens, etc.

Selection Process

All proposals will be reviewed by the Scholars Undergraduate Research Committee. This committee is appointed by the ACPA is presided over by the chairman of the committee. Additional reviewers will be used for certain proposals at the discretion of the committee.

Mahlon Martin Fellowship

In 1995 the SILO Advisory Council lost one of its most valued members, Mr. Mahlon Martin. Because of his lifetime work in the government, we will honor his memory by awarding fellowships for students majoring in public service field. These fields would include but not be limited to public administration, political science, sociology and social work. The Mahlon Martin Fellowship will require no institutional match, and will enable the student to be paid for additional research, as well as expanded travel budget. We encourage students with a diverse background to apply for the SURF program and the Mahlon Martin Fellowship.