Mission Statement

The Center for Undergraduate Research at ATU serves the student population by providing information about research opportunities, funding of student research, and developing research skills for the future. In line with the ATU Strategic Plan, the Center for Undergraduate Research strives to achieve the goals outlined under Goal 1 (1.9 and 1.10). Ultimately, our goal is to empower and enable students to gain valuable research experience and skills that can be equipped for a meaningful and satisfying future upon graduation. This is achieved in three ways:

1.       Provide support, through internal research grants, for faculty and students to conduct research of the highest quality. This includes internal funding through grants, developmental workshops, special skills training, and other opportunities and services.

2.       Encourage and promote the use of co-curricular and high-impact educational practices such as student research, service learning, interdisciplinary project-based courses, and other learning opportunities.

3.       Elevate the level of undergraduate scholarship and research by increasing the visibility of research across campus through various outlets such as annual symposia, student-led conferences and thematic panel presentations, and applied research opportunities in the greater Russellville and Arkansas communities.




Online Research Commons @ ATU: Promoting Student and Faculty Research

A digital archive created to preserve and promote the scholarship, creative works, publications, and historical records of the university's students and faculty.




2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium


Arkansas Tech University's 2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held on Thursday, April 7th, 2022 (location TBD). We invite all undergraduate students to participate and share their research and scholarship with the university. To be included in the program, please submit an abstract or brief description of the project presentation by March 18, 2022. Abstracts should be submitted via email to Dr. Nate Chapman (nchapman1@atu.edu) and should be submitted as a word document. Each proposal should include the following:

1. The title of the research project should be typed in capitals at the top of the page. Skip one line and type;2. Name(s) of the student author(s) and email address(es). Underline the name of the presenter(s);3. Name(s) of the faculty mentor(s) and email address(es); (if applicable)4. Name of the Department;5. Skip one line and type the abstract without indentation.Abstracts should not be more than 300 words and should provide a brief overview of the research (research question, methodology, findings/analysis). During the Symposium, presentations will be judged by faculty members from Arkansas Tech University, and awards will be presented to the top presentations.

Faculty are also encouraged to attend the symposium and to ask questions or give constructive feedback to the student presenters. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Nate Chapman (nchapman1@atu.edu).


Fall 2020 CUR Workshops 

"Successfully Navigating the Graduate School Application Process," Dr. Justin Moss, Assistant Professor of Psychology 

WebEx Webinar Recording: https://atu.webex.com/webappng/sites/atu/recording/play/1830d0c4a08541e3aaf024fb9339a75d

This workshop offers insight into whether you should apply to graduate school, which programs to which you should apply, how you can find information about those programs, and which application materials you will need. Dr. Moss shares his experiences as a former graduate school applicant and current graduate program director to help you successfully navigate the graduate school application process.Spacer Snippet

Undergraduate Research Steering Committee

Nathaniel Chapman, Director
(479) 356-2027

Jessica Young , Assistant Director 
(479) 880-4183

Surya Jyoti Banerjee
(479) 356-2032

Charity Park

Justin Moss
(479) 356-2046