NASA Academy



What is the NASA Academy

An intensive resident summer institute of higher learning for college undergraduate students interested in pursuing professional and leadership careers in aerospace-related fields.


The NASA Academy is co-sponsored by

  • The participating NASA centers

  • The National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.

  • To support and enhance the general objectives and mission of NASA.

  • To make available to the selected students guided access to extensive resources at the participating NASA research and space flight centers and their infrastructure, science, technology, and organizational and managerial expertise.

  • To provide a unique, intensive, and rigorous educational and training curriculum related to the organization of NASA, its in-house science and technology projects, its collaboration with other National centers, industry, and academia, and its extensive technology transfer programs.

  • To facilitate access to, and dissemination of, valuable information on career development paths, financial support, technical writing standards, intellectual property, etc.

  • To create an environment that fosters creativity, personal initiative, and leadership qualities, together with group mentality, teamwork, and professional ethics.

  • U.S. citizenship or U.S. permanent residency

  • Junior and senior undergraduate, or first-year graduate status

  • High Academic standing and demonstrated interest in the space program.


David Rosage, Program Manager
Goddard Space Flight Center Academy 
(301) 286-0904

Dr. Douglas O'Handley, Director
Ames Astrobiology Academy
dohandley@mail.arc.nasa.go v
(408) 736-5937