What is the UBMS Academy?


The UBMS Academy consists of two parts: tutoring services and mentorship during the academic school year and a six-week residential experience on the Arkansas Tech campus during the summer.

In the summer session, students live in Arkansas Tech residence halls and are taught by a team of university faculty, graduate students, and certified teachers in math, science, English, and more. Additionally, students develop computer skills using some of the latest technology, as well as reviewing skills needed for the ACT exam.

During the academic school year, students are visited weekly by a member of the UBMS staff completing assignments that are a part of the college application process. Tutoring services are also provided weekly for UBMS students.

One Saturday each month, the UBMS participants experience educational, cultural, and social activities and field trips.

For more information about the UBMS Academy at Arkansas Tech University, please e-mail us!