Cohort Teacher Information

A Cohort Teacher is a Clinical Practice Supervisor that is an in-service adjunct faculty of Arkansas Tech University who is an on-site classroom teacher at designated cohort schools with a minimum of three (3) years classroom teaching experience, administration recommendation, and has completed TESS training.

Cohort Teachers are responsible for attending any meetings, modeling professional behavior, observing the intern, and providing feedback from evaluation of the intern as needed. The Cohort Teacher supports and mentors the intern; models teaching strategies that address the varied learning styles and needs of children; models classroom management techniques and guides the intern’s development of them; assesses and redirects interns, providing timely and appropriate feedback, evaluation and reflection throughout the semester; and promotes an atmosphere where all involved can learn and grow.

Specific responsibilities of the Cohort Teacher include: 

  • Attends ATU Cohort Training
  • Models professional behavior
  • Maintains open lines of communication within the team and with ATU
  • Maintains appropriate records in regards to the intern’s performance
  • Evaluates the teaching experience including teaching competencies required for licensure by the state of Arkansas (TESS)
  • Assigns and submits a final grade in internship to the Director of Teacher Education Student Services

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