Dear Fellow Students,

I would personally like to welcome you to Arkansas Tech University!

On behalf of the Student Government Association, we are proud to serve as your elected representatives to our administration, community, and more. Your thoughts and ideas can help us shape the future of Arkansas Tech University, so do not be afraid to step up, step out, and voice your opinions. You have a powerful voice as a student of Arkansas Tech and we encourage you to use it for the better!

College is full of new experiences and opportunities.  As a student, I know four years may seem like a long time, but trust me, it goes by quick.  Enjoy your time here, get involved, and seek out new, exciting opportunities.  You are now part of the Tech family and we will treat you as such.  Make sure to check out all of the amazing resources outlined in the student handbook, resource guide, and code of conduct.  Arkansas Tech has over 150 registered student organizations that will make sure you feel right at home.

Speaking to you as a friend, I want to let you know that you get out of your college experience only what you put into it. Give it your all and go for the gold.  If you find you need something, feel free to ask any of our amazing staff, faculty, or students for help. You can find me in the Student Involvement Center (SIC) or at any of the events that we host on campus.  Here is to a great year!


Jayson Simmons

Student Government Association President