The Arkansas Tech University Student Government serves as the official student voice to the Arkansas Tech University administration, the Board of Trustees, and the Arkansas Legislature. Our mission is to represent the interests of students and increase student decision-making power, to improve campus life through the creation and continuation of viable and effective student services, to preserve and protect the traditions of the University, and to support students and student organizations in their academic and community endeavors.

To this end, new leaders are elected from and by the general student populous each spring to carry out this mission. The Senate is composed of three representatives from each undergraduate class on campus, twelve senators from the overall student body, and an executive committee. The 33 Senators meet every week to decide SGA’s stance on major issues affecting students. Some of these issues include tuition, safety, campus life, and other issues that affect students nearly everyday.

Representatives are elected every year in the SGA general election and serve for one year. There are SGA standing committees that senators serve on as well as the University’s standing committees

                               Executive Board


                                             greydon exec pic                                   noah exec pic

                                                             Greydon Turner                                                                              Noah Tidmore
                                                                    President                                                                                        Vice President


                                            jacob exec pic                                                    
   Jacob Loomis                                                                       Bailey Fowler (not pictured)
                                                  Secretary of Student Development                                                 Secretary of Finance & Administration


                                            emily exec pic                                         charleigh exec pic                       

                                                               Emily Lisenbey                                                                          Charleigh Kennamore
                                                  Secretary of Community Outreach                                                          Secretary of Internal Affairs


                                          zoe exec pic                                            abi exec pic  

                                                               Zoe Stokes                                                                                             Abi Sasore
                                                Secretary of Public Relations                                                            Secretary of Diversity and Inclusion