handsService Hours & Awards

What is a service hour?

A service hour is defined as an hour of service volunteered by a student that will benefit their school or community. It is not considered a service hour if it benefits a social activity for club members. 

REquirements for service hours

The service hours must be completed and submitted onto theLink. When submitting the service hours, you must state your role in the activity and give a detailed description of what the opportunity was. The person submitted for verification must be somebody other than the person completing the service hour. 

Activities that will not count

Acceptable activities 

How to log service hours

  1. Go to thelink.atu.edu
  2. Click on the profile widget in the top right corner and login using your OneTech username and password. 
  3. Click the "profile" button under the profile widget. 
  4. Next, click the "Apply for Opportunity" tab. 
  5. Select "Service Hours" under the dropdown menu, add the number of service hours completed, and fill out the service hours questions. 
  6. Finally, click the green submit for approval button on the top of the page!

For questions, contact Megan Bell at 479-968-0275 or mbell11@atu.edu

Service excellence award

Each year Arkansas Tech recognizes students who have received 100 or more service hours at the graduate ceremonies in May, August, and December. This award is known as the Service Excellence Award and students can been seen wearing a large medallion with their graduation regalia. For any questions contact the Department of Campus Life at campuslife@atu.edu or 479.968.0276. 

Students wishing to receive this recognition may submit their application by clicking the link below. This Application's deadline is April 14th for Spring 2023 graduates. https://atu.presence.io/form/service-excellence-award-spring-2023