Democratic Engagement

The Office of Civic Engagement promotes active citizenship with annual events and informational campaigns. Every September, Arkansas Tech University hosts events and engagement opportunities on Constitution Day and National Voter Registration Day.

Voter registration and educational programs occur year round, with extra emphasis during the election season. The office of Civic Engagement collaborates with and supports various student organizations and campus units in their own political engagement efforts.

Arkansas Tech is a voter firendly campus and is part of the Ask Every Student campaign and has started the WonderVotes program for students to encourage their peers to use their voice. If you would like more information about this program look for the contact information below.


Voting can be simple

We are here to increase democratic participation. When more people vote, elected officials have to work harder to represent their constituents and earn their votes.

We know that Arkansas Tech students have specific questions about voting. We can help you register to vote, re-register to change your address or political party, and support you through the voting process in a nonpartisan way.

We believe in the power of Arkansas Tech students. Students at Arkansas Tech University have been voting at historically high rates and are creating meaningful change. Through breaking down barriers to participating in elections, we can make our voices heard!

Even if you can’t vote, by learning how to register to vote and how to vote, you can help others in your community advocate for your shared concerns!


Megan Bell
Coordinator of Civic and Community Engagement and Leadership Development