Welcome to the ResNet homepage. ResNet is the physical cabling and services that make it possible for
students residing in Arkansas Tech residence halls to access network resources such as email, the internet,
and student data files directly from their on-campus rooms/apartments. ResNet is a service provided by
Arkansas Tech with no additional housing costs.

ResNet access is controlled with a network access control system called safeconnect. when you first
connect to ResNet, you will be redirected to a login page and asked for your user credentials. once you
have completed login, your device will be connected to the tech network. If your device does not have
a web browser, you can enroll the device using the self service portal. For detailed instructions from OIS,
visit their Help Article.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Violations, Procedures and Policies
Arkansas Tech university recognizes that downloading and sharing copyrighted material online without permission is both irregular and unethical. For more information and specific details about the DMCA policy, please visit the student Handbook at