Getting Connected

SafeConnect is a network access control system used to manage ResNet; a shared campus resource. SafeConnect manages student authentication to the campus network and enforces security policies for antivirus, operating system, and application updates.

SafeConnect is also a critical component of managing copyright violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). For more information about the DMCA Procedures and Policy, please visit the Student Handbook at

It is the responsibility of each resident to use ResNet appropriately and in compliance with all university, city, county, state, and federal regulations.

How SafeConnect Works:

SafeConnect scans connected devices to ensure that antivirus software is running and updated, that the operating system updates are current, and that application patches are applied. This helps us provide a safe, dependable, and predictable network service for all students residing in Arkansas Tech residence halls and apartments.

For Mac and Windows PC's, SafeConnect works by continually validating that your computer meets the minimum network connectivity standards. When you connect to the network, SafeConnect scans the policy key to see if your computer meets the security policies. Alerts are provided if your computer is not configured correctly.

Linux, smart phone, and tablet users are prompted for a Username and Password via a web browser to authenticate to ResNet.

  • Authentication: Required every 120 days.
  • Policy Key: Windows or Mac computers need to download and install the policy key prior to connecting to ResNet.
  • Windows Operating System Updates: If Windows is not set to check for automatic system updates, a pop-up web browser warning will be issued.
  • Anti-Virus Software Installed and Running: If anti-virus software is not installed and running, a pop-up web browser warning will be issued.
  • Anti-Virus Software Up-to-Date: If anti-virus software is out-of-date, a pop-up web browser warnings will be issued.
  • Peer-to-Peer Software Running: If P2P software is running on your device, a pop-up web browser warning will be issued.

Getting Started:

Download and install the SafeConnect Policy Key Client for Mac or Windows. The installation process takes about a minute and is very straightforward

Policy Key Installers:

For Game Consoles follow this link: Game Consoles

Privacy and SafeConnect:

  • SafeConnect is used to validate antivirus, operating system and application patches necessary for computers to meet the campus minimum network connectivity standards.
  • SafeConnect is used to provide information about devices for the purpose of complying with the DMCA.
  • SafeConnect does not log where users travel on the Internet.
  • SafeConnect does not allow ResNet to read the contents of your computer.