Engineering – Living Learning Community 

Engineering I LLC

The Engineering I LLC is provides an Interdisciplinary opportunity to build community through academic collaboration, high impact practices, and interactive living environments that promote higher learning.


Location: Paine Hall (AY23-24). Jones Hall (AY 24-25)
Major: Electrical or Mechanical Engineering Majors
Requirements: Math ACT score of 24 or higher, or a grade of C or higher in MATH 1113, or MATH 1914, or MATH 1203, or consent of the instructor.
1st Year Course(s): ELEG 1011 or MCEG 1011
Advisor(s): Dr. Matthew Young



This LLC aims to empower sophomores to excel by providing opportunities to create next level academic and professional experiences. Jones Hall will provide a members only engineering computer lab with a 3D printer which is the perfect place to study while also being just steps away from Corley Hall. Engineering II participants will serve as peer helpers to Engineering I LLC students.


Location: Paine Hall 
Major: 2nd Year + Electrical or Mechanical Engineering Majors
Requirements: Completion of MATH 2924
2nd Year Course(s): MATH 2934 and ELEG 1011-002 or MCEG 1011-002.

Advisor(s): Dr. Patricia Buford & Dr. Matthew Young

Engineering Activity

What to Expect

  • Private study lab with computers and a 3D printer
  • Out of the classroom interactions with engineering faculty

LLC member in Engineering lab

Did You Know?

  • Our Engineering LLC offers exclusive workshops for  participants in this program held in the hall’s private study lab.

 Engineering LLCs


Dr. Patricia Buford
Associate Dean for the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Corley Hall / Russellville, AR 72801


Dr. Matthew Young
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering 
Corley Hall / Russellville, AR 72801

Phone: (479) 968-0338


Phone: (479) 964-0877