Tips for Moving in

Before You Arrive 




Get a jump start on the move-in process by making preparations during the summer. We will contact you via email with more instructions a few weeks before move-in. In the meantime, here are important tips to get you started.

  1. Know your room and roommates
    • Go to the ATU Residence Life Housing Portal to find your room assignment and roommate(s) contact information. Whether you know the student you will be living with or not, it is important to get to know each other and find out what you have in common. Because residence hall rooms may be smaller than your room at home, it is also important to discuss what you plan to bring to campus.

  2. Create a packing list: What to bring and Not to bring?
  3. Read the dorm policy
    • Read through your contract and dorm policy. This way there won't be any surprises and you'll know what's expected or not. 

  4. Double check the requirements
    • Make sure you have completed all the requirements before you move in. It wouldn't be fun if you got to the dorm and you couldn't get in. 

  5. Map out your dorm
    • Find your dorm on google maps before you leave your house. The campus and roads will be crazy on move-in day.

  6. Dress to move
    • Check the weather on move-in day. If it's going to rain, you might want to bring garbage bags, umbrellas, and tennis shoes to hold as much as the rain off as possible.
    • Make sure you wear comfy, light clothes and shoes that don't hurt your feet, because you will be moving and walking a lot. It can get hot in the dorms on move-in day, and it might be easier to take the stairs too. 

  7. Take snacks and drinks
    • It's always nice to have snack food on long car drives. You'll probably also want to keep yourself hydrated while you're busy moving heavy furniture and decorating your room in a hot dorm. 


After You Arrive 


After Arrival

After you have moved in, it is time to make yourself at home, refuel and get ready for a successful year. Check out our Important Things To Do After Move-In recommended by returning students to new students, plus a few extra tips we thought would be helpful.

  1. Attend Orientation 
  2. Complete the room condition report
    • Report may be found in
    • Make sure to report the status of your room to avoid any charges upon check out
  3. Clean your room
    • You might want to do some cleaning, like dusting and scrubbing the tub. The room could have collected dust since the last time it's been used, and you don't know who lived there before you.

  4. Decorate your room
    • Decorate your room to look nice just the way you like.

  5. Run to the store
    • Grab those last minute things that you didn't think of before and cold groceries that will fit in your mini fridge.

  6. Take pictures
    • Make sure you get pictures of your new room and your family before they leave.

  7. Hang out with your roommates
    • Learn what their schedule will be like, what they're likes/dislikes are, what room temperature they prefer, and get to really know them.

  8. Look at our roommate survival guide
    • Sometimes it's hard to get along with someone you barely know, but it's not impossible. It's a new learning experience. 

  9. Get to know the people you'll be living with the next year
    • You should meet your Resident Director, Resident Assistant, and the other students on your floor.

  10. Get your books

  11. Set up your laptop
    • Make sure it can connect to WiFi and that it's working fine

  12. Learn about involvement opportunities   
    • Determine what student organization you will join this semester

  13. Get familiar with campus
    • Check out the cafeteria, classrooms, health center, Tech Fit, post office, etc.

  14. Explore places to eat
    • Find out where you can eat on campus or where your favorite restaurants are located off campus

  15. Rest
    • Resting is important to get adjusted to your new environment