Vehicle Registration

Registration shall be accomplished at the time of regular registration for the fall, spring or summer semesters at the Department of Public Safety or at locations and times specified. Only one hangtag may be registered per person.

Vehicles are defined as any self-propelled vehicle having two or more wheels.

All vehicles on Tech campus are required to register and display a current parking hangtag. Parameters for the operation and parking of motor vehicles may be viewed on the campus map.

Hangtags are valid from August 15th one year through August 15th of the next year. After securing a hangtag at the Public Safety Department, charges are assessed to the individuals account at the Office of Student Accounts.

Hangtags must be displayed by hanging on the rear view mirror so the number can be read through the front windshield from the outside. These hangtags can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Do not tape hangtag on vehicle or lay on dash or seat.

Lost/stolen hangtags are full price for replacement.

Summer term hangtags will be one-half the original cost.

Hangtags are the responsibility of the purchaser and must be removed prior to sale or transfer of the vehicle or upon termination of employment or withdrawal from the university.

Falsifying registration information, such as buying hangtags for another person in his/her name will be fined $75.00. Also, the person who allows another individual to purchase a hangtag for him/her will be fined $75.00.

Charges will be assessed at the time of registration of the vehicle as follows for all faculty, staff and students and other non-Tech employees.

  1. $30.00 for the calendar year (August 15 through August 15)

  2. $30.00 from the beginning of the second semester through Aug. 15

  3. $15.00 for summer term Hangtag fees are non-refundable

Temporary Hangtags are available at the Public Safety Department for faculty, staff and students who have misplaced their hangtag. These hangtags are provided at no cost and are valid for a maximum of seven days.