Parking Information

Open parking hours will be declared from 5:00 PM to 7:30 AM daily and from 5:00 PM on Friday through 7:30 AM on Monday. School holidays are considered as open parking days. Residence hall parking areas are not open parking areas.


    As required, a number of parking slots have been set aside for use by permanently handicapped individuals only. Each space has been marked with signs and or blue and white paint on the space. If these spaces are full, you may park in any color zone but not in spaces marked as loading zones, timed parking and reserved as long as you display your valid disability license plate or placard. Vehicles found illegally parked in these spaces are subject to towing and impoundment fees.

    Only individuals who have been issued, and are displaying, a disability license plate or placard issued by the State of Arkansas are permitted to park in spaces marked with blue and white stripes. Vehicles must also have valid Tech hangtag.

    License plates, decals and placards may be obtained from the State Revenue Office at 105 South Rodchester, Russellville, AR. For information, call (479)968-1526.

    Transfer of a disability license or placard is a violation of the Arkansas state law. The offender will be ticketed accordingly.

    Persons requesting temporary disability status for parking must be authorized by the Tech Health and Wellness Center located in Dean Hall and, if eligible, then obtain a special Temporary hangtag from UPD. You will then be eligible to park in the areas marked RED or handicapped space only for the dates specified.
     Contact the Department of Public Safety at (479)968-0222 or email at

    Visitors are always welcome on campus and may park in any non-restricted area. Currently enrolled students or employees are not considered visitors.

    Visitors, please secure a visitor's hangtag at no cost at the Public Safety Department or through the office you are visiting.

    Visitors with the hangtag may use any color parking area. Visitors without the hangtag may park only in the areas marked Visitors Only. Unrestricted parking for visitors is only permitted on Homecoming, Family Day, open parking hours and other designated University functions. Visitors who park in violation may be issued a parking citation.

    Motorbikes, motor scooters, motorcycles and bicycles must be operated only on streets normally designated for automobile use. A hangtag must be displayed if parked on campus or an optional decal may be affixed to the left front fork.