1. Operating a motor vehicle in any manner which may create a disturbance on campus may be considered a traffic violation. This includes excessive use (determined by city ordinance or officer's discretion) of boom box, stereo, horn, illegal exhaust systems, squealing of tires or placing pedestrians or other drivers in a hazardous situation.
  2. All personnel, including visitors, are expected to adhere to all campus and state regulations regarding safety procedures.
  3. All resident hall students who own or operate registered vehicles must use the parking areas assigned to that residence hall. Residence hall parking lots are color-coded.
  4. Arkansas Tech University cannot and does not assume the obligation of providing parking spaces for all vehicles at all times.
  5. Arkansas Tech University does not assume responsibility for the care and protection of any vehicles or its contents while said vehicle is operated or parked on the campus or lands controlled by the University.
  6. Vehicles that do not qualify for registration or "approved as safe" by the State of Arkansas are not permitted on the campus at any time. Disabled and abandoned vehicles will be turned over to the State Police for disposal according to law.
  7. Mechanical work other than minor repairs such as replacement of vehicle battery or flat tires will not be permitted on the Tech campus.
  8. Arkansas Tech University reserves the right to restrict or revoke the use of an automobile on campus to anyone if the use of that vehicle is thought to be detrimental to the academic achievement of any student or if the person has abused the privilege of operating said vehicle on or off campus.
  9. It shall be the responsibility of any driver of a disabled vehicle (i.e. dead battery, out of gas, keys locked in car, etc.) to immediately notify the Public Safety Department of the problem and location of the disabled vehicle. Failure to make notification may result in the vehicle's being either towed or given a ticket. Abandoned vehicles shall be towed at the owner's expense.
  10. Flagrant disregard of campus parking and traffic regulations will result in the vehicle being towed to storage and parking privileges on campus revoked. Towing and storage charges will be assessed prior to the release of the vehicle to the owner.



Moving violations include all traffic laws as stated in Arkansas Motor Vehicle and Traffic laws and State Highway Commission Regulations. The official Tech parking citation notice placed on vehicles will be sufficient as a summons for violation of these rules and regulations. In lieu of a University citation, the violator may be issued a uniform traffic ticket which will be adjudicated in Municipal Court.

Additional Violations/Rules are as follows:

*Speed limit on campus is 20 mph unless otherwise posted.

*No U-turns.

*Yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians in campus crosswalks.



In accordance with A.C.A. 25-17-307, the Board of Trustees of Arkansas Tech University establishes the following rules and regulations, operation, and parking of motor vehicles on Arkansas Tech University campuses. These rules and regulations are binding on all members of faculty, staff, student body and others utilizing the lands owned and controlled by Arkansas Tech University. Lands owned or controlled by Tech will henceforth be known as "campus" for the purposes of clarification.

Arkansas Tech Department of Public Safety officers are constituted peace officers by A.C.A. 25-17-305, by acting Board of Trustees, and under the laws of this state possess all the authority provided by law for city police and county sheriffs to be exercised as required for safety and protection of the University community.

Enforcement of traffic regulations on the Tech campus is the responsibility of the Department of Public Safety. All drivers will observe and obey the orders of the Department of Public Safety officers while such officers are engaged in the performance of their respective duties. This includes producing and rendering identification and hangtags requested.

*You are responsible for complying with all rules and regulations.