Mountain Bikes

Do you need to get somewhere and don't have any wheels or would you like to go biking at Mt. Nebo but have no way of getting your bike from home to Tech? Campus Recreation, has your problem solved.

Outdoor Recreation has a total of 6 mountain bikes for students to check out. To check out a bike for the day or the weekend show your Tech ID card and sign a few papers.

"Students are responsible for the bike, helmet, lock and all repairs on the bike if damaged."

If you are interested in checking out a bike, you may call the Campus Recreation office at (479)356-2010 and check out the bikes in the Campus Recreation office located in the University Common's Club House.

Mountain Bike Check-Out Policy

All mountain bikes are on a 1 day rental policy, except of over weekend check-out. See below for return layout.

Checked-Out           Due Date

   Monday                 Tuesday

   Tuesday                Wednesday

   Wednesday           Thursday

   Thursday               Friday

   Friday                    Monday

General Bike Check-Out

General bike check-out follows the usual 3-day check-out policy.