The Department of Music has an established reputation for the superior quality of the music-teacher preparation program and for high standards in musical performance.  The various musical organizations have been identified as distinctive or exemplary programs and have been featured on state, regional, and national convention programs.  Each year the department sponsors seminars and workshops featuring nationally recognized authorities in the music profession.

We Provide:

  • The necessary and desirable professional preparation for the training of accredited music teachers for the public schools.

  • Undergraduate competencies required of those students desiring to pursue performance or academic careers in graduate programs

  • Opportunities for the cultural growth and development of all college students.

  • Opportunities for meaningful professional growth through direct involvement in musical performance in large and small vocal and/or instrumental ensembles.
    Musical, cultural, and educational leadership for the institution, community, and state.

  • A variety of extra-curricular and public-relations functions for the university community.


2014 Audition Information 

Gary Morris
  (479) 968-0468  
  Dr. Tim Smith
  (479) 968-0471
Michael Westbrook
  (479) 968-0287  





 Concert and Recital Schedule


NATS Conference

David Slutsky & Holly Pyszka
Joint Jr. Recital
3/1, 2:30 pm

Symphonic & Concert Bands Concert
3/2, 7:30 pm--Cancelled, will be rescheduled

Symphonic Wind Ensemble Concert
3/3, 7:30 pm--Cancelled, will be reschuled

Patrice Biittner & Zach Brown
Joint Jr. Recital
3/5, 7:30 pm

ATU Solo Competition
3/7, 2:30 pm

Jasmine Pritchett
Senior Voice Recital
3/8, 2:30 pm

 Kristin Suggs
Senior Voice Recital
3/10, 7:30 pm

Lauren Reynold
Senior Horn Recital
3/12, 7:30 pm

Brandon Smith
Senior Voice Recital
3/13, 7:30 pm

Shaina Lewis
Senior Clarinet Recital
3/14, 2:30 pm

Kelci Cogan
Senior Horn Recital
3/14, 7:30 pm


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