Bystander Intervention

It's on us

We all have a part to play in the fight against sexual and relationship violence. It's on us--ALL of us--at Arkansas Tech University to commit to creating a culture of respect where violence is not tolerated by our community. It's important, and it's on us. Click here for a list of upcoming trainings and workshops available or contact Amy Pennington, Deputy Title IX Coordinator (, to schedule an active bystander workshop for your class or RSO.


What if bears killed 1 in 5 people?


Who will you help?


What is bystander intervention?


Bystander Intervention is deciding to step up and do something when you see concerning behavior that has potential to harm others. Taking action and preventing or interrupting dangerous activity doesn’t have to be hard.

It could be as simple as:

  • “Accidentally” spilling a drink on a person who is attempting to take advantage of another at a party. This can interrupt harmful plans and give the victim an out.

  • Speaking up and not letting friends leave a party or go to a secluded area with a new acquaintance. Staying in groups is safer.

  • Inserting yourself into a conversation where another person seems unsafe, creating a distraction.

  • Not being afraid to call police if a situation seems to be escalating, like when someone starts yelling at or hitting another person.

  • Remembering to trust your instincts. If you think something is wrong in a situation, chances are most people around you feel the same way. Take action and speak up. Others will typically follow.

Bystander intervention 101

  1. NOTICE something is not right
  2. IDENTIFY that someone needs help
  3. DECIDE TO ACT, and develop an intervention strategy
  4. INTERVENE SAFELY, either alone or with others


Learn more about how you can be an active bystander attending an ATU Training (schedule listed here) and by visiting: NO MORE and IT'S ON US.