Center for Community engagement and academic outreach


WELCOME to The Center for Community Engagement and Academic Outreach (CEAO)!  CEAO was designed to create unique educational experiences for students while improving the local and global communities. We are committed to providing students with innovative learning experiences that bring them outside the classroom to engage with the community and with real world problems, while giving them skills and experiences that will prepare them for the rapidly changing world. 


 the collborative solutions class engage with Mr. Dickson, who provided the resources for the course



Innovative Course Opportunities (IPBL)

One way we provide these unique educational experiences is through the creation of IPBL courses.  These are Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Learning courses.  All IPBl courses include the following three components:

  • INTERDISCIPLINARY - teams of students from a variety of disciplines are in the same class.
  • PROJECT-BASED - students are tasked with solving real world problems.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - each course requires students to be engaged with either local, regional, or global community members.




ATU's AmeriCorps Vista Program

As part of our initiative to create unique, educational opportunities, CEAO oversees the AmeriCorps VISTA program.


 logo for Americorp Vista



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Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Academic Outreach
Professor of Sociology
Department of Behavioral Sciences, Arkansas Tech University
Witherspoon Hall 344, 407 West Q Street, Russellville, AR 72801

Office: (479) 498-6050

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