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"Put learning as the focus as opposed to the teaching as a focus."
Ian Wolf on the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast #222



Summer Schedule 

Aug. 3 - Aug. 10 - New Faculty Orientation

Wed Aug. 12 - Professional Development Day - Faculty Advising Workshop, Carol Heisserer, Director, Academic Advising and Amanda Eller, Assistant Director, Academic Advising, Southeast Missouri State University


Summer 2020 Professional development series

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is sponsoring a summer professional development series. This will consist of short videos and other resources released weekly that will cover a variety of topics about teaching, wellness, leadership, and technology. These videos will be useful for both faculty and staff. Click on the following link to access the series:



Monday Morning Mentor Series

The Monday Morning Mentor series delivers one of Magna Publications' popular 20-Minute Mentor programs once a week for 16 weeks in the fall, 16 weeks in the spring.

Week in and week out, these programs, presented by respected academic peers, cover timely and relevant topics in only 20 minutes—long enough to provide actionable insights, but short enough to fit anyone’s schedule.

Monday Morning Mentor packs an impressive amount of practical information into a fast, focused format that covers traditional & online teaching as well as administrative issues. Each video is brief enough to fit busy schedules, but long enough to deliver valuable, actionable content. In only 20 minutes, a critical topic that affects the higher education landscape is effectively and efficiently covered, leaving you with actionable insights and information to take back to your campus.

For more information on how to access the content check the Arkansas Tech CETL Blackboard page. 


Faculty and STaff WEll-Being Events

The ATU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is not only concerned with the in-classroom experiences of educators, but also the out-of-classroom experiences. Here at the Faculty and Staff Well-Being events page we have compiled a list of events designed to help our teachers relax, grow, and experience new things. 




The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) promotes student success through a culture of excellence in teaching and learning.


The mission of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is to encourage, support, and enhance teaching effectiveness. CETL fosters faculty growth through active sharing of best practices.