Loss and grief can be very overwhelming but every person will experience it. It is important not to compare yourself to others during this time because there is no right or wrong way to grieve. You may have feelings of disbelief, sadness, guilt, or anger. It might also be hard to fall asleep, eat or talk to others. This is all completely normal and is just some of the emotions you may experience. Grief can be experienced when someone passes away or when you experience any type of loss. It could be the death of a pet, loss of a friendship, divorce or relationship breakup, or even selling a family home where you had a lot of memories. You may even feel a sense of grief when you move away from home to come to college. The length can vary from person to person and it’s important to be patient with yourself. You may think that you are okay and then a holiday, birthday, or anniversary date might trigger those feelings again. This is all normal. Just remember that this is just a step in the process of healing and you aren’t alone.

coping with grief

  • Accept that grief is a process and there isn't a time limit for when you should be "over it"
  • Balance your alone time with time spent with others
  • Treat yourself gently and with care
  • Try not to take on new responsibilities or make major life decisions for awhile
  • Share your feelings and memories with someone you trust
  • Maintain good health by healthy eating, getting sleep, and exercising
  • Plan for special days or holidays as they may be difficult
  • Focusing on helping someone or doing something that matters to you
  • Create ways of remembering your loved one
  • Seek counseling if you get stuck or just need someone to listen

being helpful to those grieving

  • Ask how they're doing and show you care by listening
  • Don't judge them or expect they grieve a certain way
  • Remember the importance of special events
  • Be accepting of the ups and downs of the grieving process
  • Remember them even after the initial loss passes
  • Try not to explain the reason for the loss 
  • Just tell them you're sorry and you care