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 We want to see you succeed in your college career. We take a different view on the importance of students from other universities - we aren't only concerned with getting you to come to Arkansas Tech after high school, we also want to assist you in getting the most from college life while you are here.

The Department provides many services to you. We have several organizations which are geared toward giving students more of an opportunity for detailed study and involvement in campus life. And if you're interested in other departments or organizations on campus but don't know where to turn, visit us in Witherspoon Hall 255 and we'll point you in the right direction.

Degrees and Programs


In addition to history-specific coursework, the Bachelor of Arts Degree in History requires interdisciplinary studies in the areas of Economics, Political Science, Geography, Communication, and Behavioral Sciences. 

Political Science

In addition to discipline specific coursework, the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science requires interdisciplinary studies in the areas of Sociology, Psychology, or Economics.

Anthropology and Geography

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology and Geography focuses on building the methodological skills needed to analyze human systems across time and space with a focus on improvement of the human condition, from local communities to global interaction. Students will take courses in both Anthropology and Geography but may choose to focus on one or the other.

Social Studies Education

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies Education provides a strong emphasis on the History, Political Science, and Economics. Advanced work through teaching internships are required for the program to achieve the licensure requirements in grades 7 through 12.

Master of Arts in History

The Master of Arts in History program provides advanced historical study for students who plan eventually to pursue the doctoral degree in history as well as for those who intend to pursue careers in teaching, law, journalism, business, government, public service, or the private sector.


The Department of History and Political Science (previously named the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy) has a Nationally Recognized Social Studies Teacher Education Program, as awarded by the National Council for the Social Studies.




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