Frequently Asked Questions


It is the responsibility of Arkansas Tech University to uphold a graduate assistant (GA) program which: (1) aids appointed graduate assistants in satisfactory progress toward their graduate degrees; (2) ensures appointed graduate assistants perform appropriate services; (3) facilitates the professional development of appointed graduate assistants; and (4) builds a community which educates students on available university resources.

For additional questions regarding the Graduate Assistant Program, please contact the Graduate College at 479.968.0398. You may also browse the Graduate Assistant Handbook to learn more about policies and procedures.

Graduate assistantships are designed to provide both financial support and experiential learning to successful candidates. Contracted students work specified hours and fulfill assigned responsibilities, to receive a tuition waiver for up to 18 graduate credit hours and stipend within an academic year.

Entering graduate students must be unconditionally admitted into their program for GA eligibility.

Current/returning graduate students must be in good academic standing with their graduate program for graduate assistant consideration.

For timely consideration for a GA position, students should complete the online application process for a graduate program no later than March 1 for Fall positions and October 1 for Spring.
Assistantships are available campus wide. Offices that support GA positions include, but are not limited to: Student Services, Residence Life, Athletics, University Relations, Museum, Graduate College, Institutional Research, Assessment, ELI, eTech, Registrar, Advancement, in addition to academic departments, such as College Student Personnel, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Engineering, Education, English, Center for Leadership and Learning, Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Liberal Arts, Health Informatics, Information Technology, Journalism, History, Psychology, Physical Education, Spanish, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and Professional Studies.

Academic graduate assistantships require students to work 20 hours per week, throughout the academic year.

Non-academic graduate assistantships vary in working hours and responsibilities, by department. Some nights and weekends may be included.

Responsibilities vary based upon GA classification, department, and individual job titles. Some duties include, but are not limited to: clerical work, data input, webpage management, supervision of student workers, report submissions, research, tutoring, and any other tasks assigned.

Academic graduate assistants receive a stipend, however, the amount of the stipend awarded may vary depending on the nature of the GA position, effective start date,length of the assistantship, and the number of hours worked by the student each week.

Non-academic graduate assistants receive varied stipend amounts, according to responsibilities and expectations for individual positions. Obligations and payment are explicitly discussed prior to a contract agreement.