Becoming a Graduate Assistant

Graduate assistantships are designed to support students in their pursuit of advanced degrees at Arkansas Tech University. ATU is an Equal Access, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer that is fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce.

Specific expectations and responsibilities of graduate assistants vary, based upon department. However, all graduate assistants are required to:

  • Work on campus
  • Complete a background check
  • Participate in a GA Orientation
  • Maintain good academic standing

For timely consideration for a GA position, students should complete the online application process for a graduate program no later than March 1 for Fall positions and October 1 for Spring.

Applicants Please Read:


Current Openings:

  Additional Graduate Assistant Positions

Orientation Info

New and Returning GA Orientation

New and returning graduate assistants are required to complete an orientation with the Graduate College each academic year they receive a contract. Please follow the link above to access scheduled orientation times.


Please contact the Graduate College at 479-968-0398 with any questions about the assistantship process.