General Education Assessment


Two-Year General Education Program Goal Assessment Schedule

These goal assessments are conducted across multiple general education courses with the same stated general education goal to assess how well we are meeting said goal as a program.


Level 1 Program-Level Assessment

How well are we achieving our goals across the courses with the stated goals?

(click on each goal to view the timeline for assessing that goal as well as any available assessment results)

Assessment Semester:              Cycle 2: Spring 2023 (beta), Fall 2023 (full)
  Cycle 1: Spring 2020 (beta)
Results: Cycle 1: Data for Written Communication and Reading
Assessment Semester: Cycle 2: Fall 2023 (beta), Spring 2024 (full)
  Cycle 1: Fall 2020 (beta), Spring 2021 (full)
Results: Cycle 1 beta: Data for Scientific Reasoning 
  Cycle 1 full: Scientific Reasoning Pilot AH Assessment Report 2021
Assessment Semester: Cycle 2: Spring 2024 (beta), Fall 2024 (full)
  Cycle 1: Spring 2021 (beta), Fall 2021 (full)
Rubric: Arts and Humanities

Cycle 1 beta: Fall 2021 Pilot AH Assessment Report
Cycle 1 full: Spring 2022 AH Assessment Report
Cycle 1 full: Spring 2022 Faculty Response to AH Assessment Data

Assessment Semester: Cycle 1: Spring 2022 (beta), Fall 2022 (full)
Rubric: Thinking Critically

Artifact Submission Location
Spring 22:

Sharepoint location - Goal 4: Think Critically
Directions Artifact Submission for General Education
Assessment Semester: Cycle 1: Fall 2022 (beta), Spring 2023 (full)
Rubric: Civic Engagement
Artifact Submission Location
Fall 2022
Sharepoint Location - TBA
Directions: Artifact Submission for General Education
Level 2 Institution-Level Assessment

How well are the General Education Goals serving the mission statement for the General Education Program? “The general education curriculum is designed to provide a foundation for knowledge common to educated people and to develop the capacity for an individual to expand that knowledge over his or her lifetime.” 

Fall 2021-Spring 2023: Realigning of Gen Ed Curriculum Based on Revised Goals
Fall 2023: Revised Gen Ed Program Begins. Previous Gen Ed Program Phased out Based on Catalog Years of Existing Students
Goal Assessment

These program-wide assessments are in addition to the Course, Program, and General Education (CPGE) assessments conducted each semester.  



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