General Education Assessment

 GE Student Survey Summary Report

Two-Year General Education Program Goal Assessment Schedule


These goal assessments are conducted across multiple general education courses with the same stated general education goal to assess how well we are meeting said goal as a program.

How well are we achieving our goals across the courses with the stated goals?

Goal 1:                                     Communicate Effectively
Assessment Semester:          Spring 2020
Results:                                    See data for Written Communication and Reading

Goal 2:                                     Apply scientific and quantitative reasoning
Assessment Semester:          Fall 2020
Results:                                    See data for Scientific Reasoning. 

Goal 3:                                     Apply the value of the arts and humanities
Assessment Semester:          Spring 2021
Rubric:                                      Arts and Humanities Rubric 

Goal 4:                                     Think critically
Assessment Semester           Fall 2021

Goal 5:                                     Develop ethical perspectives
Assessment Semester:          Spring 2022

Goal 6:                                     Practice civic engagement (goal added Spring 2020)
Assessment Semester:          Fall 2022


How well are the General Education Goals serving the mission statement for the General Education Program? “The general education curriculum is designed to provide a foundation for knowledge common to educated people and to develop the capacity for an individual to expand that knowledge over his or her lifetime.”    

  • Fall 2021-Spring 2022: Stage 4--Realigning of Gen Ed Curriculum based on Revised Goals
  • Fall 2022: Stage 5--Revised Gen Ed Program Presented to the University for Implementation

These program-wide assessments are in addition to the Course, Program, and General Education (CPGE) assessments conducted each semester.  


Course, Program, and General Education (cpge) assessment program

The following report was completed in February 2020 with data from Fall 2008 through Fall 2019. It reflects the ATU general education goals at that time.


The CPGE program was created to capture more direct evidence of student learning for each of the general education outcomes.  Each course approved to collect general education data has established questions that are mapped to the corresponding general education goals. These questions have a scale chosen by the department that roughly equates to pass/fail and data is captured through the Banner system.  This data can be sorted in a variety of ways to provide information for the improvement of general education courses, goals, and student achievement.

The general education curriculum is designed to provide a foundation for knowledge common to educated people and to develop the capacity for an individual to expand that knowledge over his or her lifetime. Students who have completed the general education curriculum at Arkansas Tech University will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Apply scientific and quantitative reasoning
  3. Think critically
  4. Develop ethical perspectives
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the arts and humanities

Data on general education outcomes has been collected since fall semester 2008 with first adopters of the CPGE data collection in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physical Science programs. Since then, twenty programs in ten departments and three colleges have added their general education assessment data. The data set for this report includes fall semester 2008 to fall semester 2019.

Results Summary

The following table shows the learning outcomes passing rates of all students assessed. 

Chart showing overall passing rates for each general education learning outcome. [see the data here]


Programs measured up to four outcomes over the time of this study. The chart below shows passing rates of all general education learning outcomes alphabetically by department. 

Chart showing all GE learing outcomes passing rate by program.

Results by Learning Outcome, Department, Program, and College

Learn more about how these outcomes were collected and analysed: 


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