General Education Assessment


General Education Assessment Schedule



Goal assessments are conducted across multiple general education courses with the same stated general education goal to assess how well we are meeting said goal as a program. In the first cycle of review, each goal was assessed in a two-semester cycle; first a smaller beta review and then a full review. Randomly sampled artifacts from courses associated with general education review are assessed using rubrics derived from the AAC&U Values Rubric Project. Past review cycles have reports linked below. 

Semester Goal 1
Communicate effectively
Goal 2
Apply scientific and quantitative reasoning
Goal 3
Apply the value of the arts and humanities
Goal 4
Think Critically
Goal 5
Develop ethical perspectives
Goal 6
Practice civic engagement
Spring 2020 Cycle 1 beta          
Fall 2020   Cycle 1 beta        
Spring 2021   Cycle 1 full Cycle 1 beta      
Fall 2021     Cycle 1 full      
Spring 2022       Cycle 1 beta Cycle 1 beta  
Fall 2022       Cycle 1 full Cycle 1 full Cycle 1 beta
Spring 2023 Cycle 2 beta         Cycle 1 full
Fall 2023 Cycle 2 full Cycle 2 Assessment        
Spring 2024     Cycle 2 Assessment      
Fall 2024       Cycle 2 Assessment    
Spring 2025         Cycle 2 Assessment  
Fall 2025           Cycle 2 Assessment
Spring 2026 Begin Cycle 3          

These program-wide assessments are in addition to the Course, Program, and General Education (CPGE) assessments conducted each semester.