InterFraternity COuncil- IFC


Fraternities foster friendship and provide opportunities to socialize through the hosting of social events such as chapter retreats, mixers, date parties, and formals. As you learn more about the fraternity system you will come to realize that every chapter has an important role in making life as an ATU student more exciting, enjoyable, and successful. Each fraternity offers numerous opportunities for friendship, campus involvement, leadership, and the development of essential skills. We hope that you are interested in learning about the traditions of fraternity life and helping to keep them alive.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) of Arkansas Tech University was founded for the purposes of promoting fraternity life and providing a forum for the discussion of issues that affect fraternities and their members. All seven (7) fraternities at Arkansas Tech are governed by the Interfraternity Council. While these chapters have different histories, distinguishing characteristics, members, and personalities, they share the central tenants of all fraternal organizations: scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood.


  • President: vacant 
  • Vice President: Allen Terrell
  • Vice President of Standards: vacant 
  • Vice President of Recruitment: Iggy Clemmons
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Terrance Tindal
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Will Davies
  • Vice President of Scholarship: Gregg Patton
  • Vice President of Outreach: vacant


  • Alpha Gamma Rho 
  • Alpha Sigma Phi
  • Alpha Tau Omega
  • Kappa Alpha Order
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Sigma Pi

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