Facilities - ATU Campus Recreation

Located across North Arkansas Avenue (Hwy 7) from Tucker Coliseum, the intramural fields are host to the majority of outdoor intramural activity.

Health/Physical Education Complex

The Health and Physical Education Complex houses a variety of programs and facilities available to Tech students, faculty, and staff for recreational pursuits.

Four racquetball courts are located in the east side of Hull Physical Education Building. The courts are available for recreational play when classes are not in session. The entrance is next to the Single Gym. 

Two gymnasiums are located in the Hull Physical Education Building. One is 100 feet by 50 feet and the other is 100 feet by 100 feet. There are twelve badminton courts, three basketball courts, nine volleyball courts, and three tennis courts marked on the two gymnasium floors.

Tech Fit

The Tech Fit Center houses the Universal Aerobic Super Circuit, an original aerobic/weight training program. The Super Circuit consists of a seated chest press, a seated row, a shoulder press, a lat pull-down, a biceps curl, a leg curl, a leg extension, a back extension, an abdominal crunch, and a triceps press. There are an assortment of dumbbells for weight training needs, a 1/20 of a mile track, and aerobic equipment to include stair steppers, bicycles, and treadmills. The Tech Fit Center is available for use by all Tech students, faculty, and staff.

For more information about Tech Fit, call the Health and Physical Education Department at 479.968.0344.