What You Will Learn


Requirements for Fulfillment of College Distinction in the Department of Communication and Journalism


Student Learning Objectives


Department of Communication and Journalism


  • Students will learn to identify logical fallacies.

  • Students will learn proficiency with APA style for references and citations in written assignments.

  • Public Speaking students will know the basic organizational patterns for the body of their speeches by the end of the course.

Speech Education

  • Student's knowledge of Speech Communication will meet or exceed the passing score for Praxis of 550.

  • Students' knowledge of Theatre will meet or exceed the Praxis passing score of 580.

  • Students' knowledge of Principles of Learning & Teaching will meet or exceed Praxis passing score of 164.


  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in MLA style in senior projects.

  • Students will learn and successfully complete a formalist analysis by the end of TH 2203-Play Analysis.


  • Student will learn proficiency in interviewing to gather communication effectively and professionally.

  • Students will learn proficiency with AP style in their writing for publication—written and electronic.

  • Students will learn leadership skills necessary for professionals employed in journalism positions.

  • Students will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills for application in professional situations.

Multi-Media Journalism (Master’s Degree)

  • Successful completion of written proposal and paper for the multimedia project requirement to complete the Master of Arts in Multimedia Journalism.

  • Successful completion of multimedia project to Journalism faculty.  Students should be able to articulate the significance of their research and multimedia project to a panel of their peers and journalism professionals.

  • Students must determine a feasible concept for primary research and then develop that into a proposal and subsequently scholarly papers that could be submitted for conferences or journal publication.

  • Surveys will be gathered from graduate alumni every five years.  The surveys will gauge the professional and leadership experience of the alumnus since his/her graduation.