ESL Endorsement and TESL Minor for WL

ESL Endorsement

Certified Arkansas teachers can add an endorsement in English to Speakers of an Other Language by completing the four courses listed below, earning a score 142 or higher on ESL Praxis 0361, and completing an application form with Tech's Licensure Officer, Dr. David Bell. Each course is offered at both the undergraduate and the graduate level, and all four courses are regularly offered online.

  • ENGL 4023/5023 or TESL 5023 Second Language Acquisition
  • ENGL 4703/5703 or TESL 5703 Teaching English as a Second Language
  • ENGL 4713/5713 or TESL 5713 ESL Assessment
  • ENGL 4723/5723 or TESL 5723 Teaching People of Other Cultures

The four ESL endorsement courses are offered each semester at the graduate level. Two or three of these courses are offered online fall and spring in a rotating schedule. All four courses are offered online during the summer. It is possible for licensed teachers anywhere in Arkansas to complete the courses required for the ESL endorsement.

TESL Minor

Tech students can add a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) to any major by completing 18 hours of courses that are described in the Department of English and World Languages section in the Tech catalog.

English and World Languages faculty who teach TESL courses include Dr. Chih-Hsin Hsu, Dr. Stanley Lombardo, Dr. Paola Gemme, Dr. Regina St. John, and  Dr. Ursula Chandler.

M.A. in TESOL and M.A in English with TESL Option

For students who want to go beyond the ESL endorsement, Tech also offers an M.A. in English with a TESL emphasis and an M.A. in TESOL.

If you would like more information regarding Tech's program in ESL certification. the TESL minor, or our two TESOL-related graduate degrees, contact Dr. Chih-Hsin Hsu .