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Brown Hall 333
Arkansas Tech University
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Russellville, AR 72801

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Jill Hendricks

Director of Upward Bound

M.S., Arkansas Tech University, 2006.
B.S., Arkansas Tech University, 2002.

Jill began working for the UBMS Academy as a summer intern in 2005, and soon joined the full-time staff in July as Target School Liaison. Jill worked as the Target School Liaison for the UBMS Academy from 2005-2009 before being hired as the Director of Upward Bound Projects. She supervises all operations and implementation of objectives for the UBMS and UB programs.


Shawna Davis

Target School Liaison

M.S., Arkansas Tech University, 2013.
B.S., Arkansas Tech University, 1992.

Shawna joined the Upward Bound team with its initial funding in September of 2007. Shawna has experience in the legal system, social work, and has also served as an Office Manager. She is responsible for advising and mentoring all UB participants from Atkins, Dover, Hector, Lamar, and Pottsville High Schools.

Lauren Pipkin

Administrative Specialist III

B.S.,  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2016.
AAS,  Arkansas Tech University, 2018.

Lauren was hired as the Administrative Specialist III in 2018. Lauren is an alumna of both the Upward Bound Classic program and Student Support Services program at Arkansas Tech University. Her past experience as an Upward Bound participant and Upward Bound summer residential counselor makes Lauren a great addition to the Upward Bound office. Along with general office duties, Lauren supervises the Upward Bound tutoring program.