Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is an opportunity for students to meet with a certified tutor 1-on-1 for help in a particular course. Peer Tutors are trained & certified following the CRLA guidelines.


Courses Covered

ACCT 2003: Accounting Principles I ENVS 1004: Principles of Environmental Science
ACCT 2013: Accounting Principles II FW 3114: Ecology
AGAS 1014: Principles of Animal Science HONR 1003: Freshman Honors Seminar
AGBU 1013: Principles of Agricultural Business HIST 1903: Survey of American History
AGBU 2063: Principles of agricultural Macroeconomics HIST 2003: United States History to 1877
AGBU 2073: Principles of Agricultural Microeconomics HIST 2013: United States History since 1877
AGPS 1024: Principles of Plant Science HIST 2043: Honors U.S. History to 1877
ART 1303: Intro to Drawing MATH 0803: Foundation of College Math
ART 1503: Intro to Graphic Design MATH 0903: Beginner and Intermediate Algebra
ART 2103: Art History I MATH 1003: College Mathematics
ART 2113: Art History II MATH 1113: College Algebra
ART 2213: Digital Skills MATH 1203: Plane Trigonometry
ART 2403: Color Design MATH 1914: Pre-Calculus
ART 3253: Digital Illustration MATH 2223: Quantitative Business Analysis 
ART 3833: Animation Techniques MATH 2703: Discrete Mathematics
BIOL 1014: Introduction to Biological Science  MATH 2914: Calculus I
BIOL 1114: Principles of Biology MATH 2924: Calculus II
BIOL 2014: Human Anatomy MATH 2934: Calculus III
BIOL 2124: Principles of Zoology MATH 3243: Differential Equations I
BIOL 2134: Botany MUS 1713: Theory I
BIOL 2404: Human Anatomy and Physiology I MUS 1723: Theory II
BIOL 2414: Human Anatomy and Physiology II MUS 1731: Ear Training I
BIOL 3034: Genetics MUS 1741: Ear Training II
BIOL 3074: Human Physiology MUS 2003: Introduction to Music
BUAD 2003: Business Info Systems MUS 2713: Theory III
CHEM 1113: Survey of Chemistry MUS 2723: Theory IV
CHEM 2124: General Chemistry I MUS 2731: Ear Training III
CHEM 2134: General Chemistry II MUS 2741: Ear Training IV
CHEM 3254: Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry PHIL 2043: Honors Introduction to Philosophy 
CHEM 3264: Mechanistic Organic Chemistry PHIL 2053:  Intro to Critical Thinking
CJ 2003: Introduction to Criminal Justice PHSC 1013: Intro to Physical Science
COMM 2003: Public Speaking PHYS 1114: Applied Physics
COMS 1003: Intro to Computer Based Systems PHYS 2014 Algebra-Based Physics I
COMS 2003: Microcomputer Applications PHYS 2014: Algebra-Based Physics I
COMS 2104: Foundations of Computer Programming I PHYS 2024 Algebra-Based Physics II
COMS 2203: Foundations of Computer Programming II PHYS 2024: Algebra-Based Physics II
ECON 2003: Principles of Economics I PHYS 2114: General Physics I
ECON 2013: Principles of Economics II PHYS 2124: General Physics II
ECON 2103: Honors Principles of Economics  PSY 2003: General Psychology
ELEG 2103: Electric Circuits I PSY 2053: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
ELEG 2113: Electric Circuits II SOC 1003: Introductory Sociology
ELEG 2134: Digital Logic Design SOC 2003: Introduction to Criminal Justice
ENGL 1013: Composition I SOC 2053: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
ENGL 1023: Composition II STAT 2163: Intro to Statistical Methods
ENGL 2173: Intro to Film Not on the List?  Just ask us 
ENGL 2183: Honors Introduction to Film












































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Online Appointments

Choose "online appointment" under reason when scheduling. A tutor will email you a link to join a WebEx Meeting. For details on using WebEx, see the tutorial steps below.


Webex meeting Tutorial

  • Go to ATU.WEBEX.COM and Sign In with your Tech single sign on information/email address.
  • Once logged in, the left menu column has a Downloads option, select this and download the desktop app.
  • The desktop app allows you to quickly connect to invites from tutors.
  • *Webcam and microphones are supported, but can be disabled before joining meetings.
  • To screen share, select the Share option on the top menu and select how you want to share your screen (complete monitor, application only, etc.)
  • End sessions with the Red Icon in the Meetings window.
For technical support, contact the office of information systems at or by phone at (479) 968-0646.




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