Residual ACT (R-ACT) Testing

The residual, or On Campus, ACT is available to Arkansas Tech University (ATU) to administer to students who were unable to test on a national ACT test date. Students should register for and take the national ACT on one of the six national test dates offered during the academic year, utilizing the R-ACT only as a last recourse. Scores from the R‑ACT are valid only at ATU and are not transferable to any other institution or agency by transcript or any other means.

ATU is required to limit ACT residual testing to students who have enrolled, have been admitted, or have officially applied to the university. Scores from the R-ACT are reported only to ATU for admission, course placement, and advising purposes. Students must take the exam in its entirety. Students attempting to raise an individual test score (for example, math or English) in order to avoid remediation should take the ACCUPLACER exam.

ACT places these additional restrictions upon administration studof the R-ACT:

  • The R-ACT may not be used as a practice test in preparation for the national ACT.
  • The R-ACT is not for use with younger students (for example, students who do not meet the minimum age/grade requirement to sit for the national ACT).
  • The R-ACT may not be transported to or administered at any off-campus locations.
  • Students may not take the R-ACT more than once in a 60 day period at any institution or combination of institutions.

ACT permits students to take the ACT up to twelve times. The R-ACT is counted toward this total.

The residual testing year runs November 1 through September 30. Residual testing will not be conducted on any of the six regularly scheduled national ACT test dates. The R-ACT is available to be scheduled and administered at least once before the start of each semester, generally in July or August, and early January. R-ACT test scores from January will be accepted for ATU academic scholarship purposes. Test dates are available by appointment only. Please allow for adequate time for scheduling.


Students meeting the eligibility requirements for the R-ACT should contact the Office of University Testing and Disability Services at (479) 968-0302 in order to schedule an exam. The Test Coordinator/designee is responsible for ensuring the student meets the R-ACT eligibility requirements prior to scheduling the exam.

The Test Coordinator/designee will inform the Office of Students Accounts that the student has been approved for the exam before payment is accepted.

The Test Coordinator/designee will administer the exam consistent with all ACT policies and procedures as documented in the ACT Administration Manual. Exams will be scored with results provided to students the day following the test no later than 3:00 p.m.

Test Accommodations
Students requiring test accommodations due to a disability should submit their request to the Office of University Testing and Disability Services at least 30 days before the desired test date in order to allow adequate time to review the request and any associated documentation. Documentation may be submitted by mail, email, fax, or dropped off in person.
Testing and Disability Services
Doc Bryan Student Services Building
1605 Coliseum Drive, Suite 141
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-0302
Fax (479) 968-0375

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