Student Conduct


The mission of the Department of Student Conduct is to safeguard the general welfare of the University community through a developmental process founded on student accountability that develops ethically sensitive and responsible individuals.  We strive to provide innovative prevention education and value integrity and fairness in our investigation and adjudication process. Ultimately, we seek to assist students in reaching their personal and academic goals.

In an effort to promote responsible behavior through the enforcement of the Arkansas Tech University Student Code of Conduct, the Department of Student Conduct has identified intended learning outcomes of the student conduct process. Students who participate in the student conduct process should:

  • Have increased knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations they are obligated to follow.
  • Better understand their role in creating a positive community and understand how their behavior impacts that community.
  • Realize the broader impact of their choices and make better decisions for their future.
  • View the conduct advisor as a reasonable and respectful professional who ultimately cares about their success as a student.
  • Take responsibility for their actions, own their decisions, and become invested in the outcome.
  • Recognize the value of the conduct process as an educational opportunity.

The Department of Student Conduct hopes to achieve its mission by administering a Student Code of Conduct that ensures each student is treated with care and concern and guided toward principled decision-making.  Each member of the Arkansas Tech University community assumes an obligation to obey all rules and regulations made by properly constituted authorities, preserve faithfully all property provided for their education, and fulfill their duties as a student with diligence, fidelity, and honor.

Arkansas Tech University students are responsible for understanding all rules, regulations, and policies that shape the structure of our campus community. Students should read, understand, and follow the rules and regulations outlined in the Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct as well as those outlined in the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalogs.

This site has been designed to answer questions regarding the conduct process and to provide information regarding our programs. Please contact us should you have questions or concerns.