Student Affairs Conduct Board



The Student Affairs Conduct Board (SACB) is responsible for reviewing alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct when a case is referred for a formal hearing. SACB members determine when students are responsible or not responsible for violations of the Student Code of Conduct as well as recommend appropriate sanctions.

Benefits of Serving

Collaboration and teamwork on SACB gives student members the opportunity to enhance their academic experience. SACB members gain valuable critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills, along with increased civic engagement. The knowledge and experience student members gain while serving on SACB make them more competitive when applying for a job or graduate school. 

Requirements to Serve

Students serving on SACB must be full-time, in good academic standing, and demonstrate satisfactory conduct history. Additionally, all SACB members are required to attend a training session prior to hearing cases. SACB meets each Wednesday afternoon beginning at 2:00 p.m. SACB members must be available during this time period.

Board Composition

SACB is comprised of the following members: One (1) student representing membership from the following groups: Student Govern¬≠ment Association, IFC/Panhellenic, Residence Hall Association, Gold Cabinet, or the Student Activities Board; One (1) Resident Assistant; Two (2) Students at-large; One (1) Residence Life staff member; One (1) Student Services staff member. The Student Conduct Administrator or designee serves as the chairperson.


Members of SACB are expected to:

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in serving on the Student Services Conduct Board and meet the requirements listed above, please contact Will Cooper, Associate Dean for Student Conduct, via email at

Student Affairs Conduct Board Flyer